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Step into our vibrant coworking environment

Meticulously designed to fuel your inspiration and enhance your productivity.

With flexible membership options, you have the freedom to choose the space and the duration that best suits your needs. Whether you’re a business owner, freelancer, a startup team, or a remote worker, our coworking space provides the perfect setting for you to thrive.

We understand the power of collaboration in driving innovation and fostering success. That’s why we offer a dynamic coworking space that serves as the nexus for entrepreneurial minds and creative individuals to come together, exchange ideas, and propel their ventures forward.

The Bolt

The lone ranger yearning to create impact. You’re building momentum: you move fast, you break things. THE OFFER: Flexi/ Dedicated desks in open space.

GH¢150/day or GH¢1,800/mo

The Pacers

No longer the lone ranger, you have settled into your rhythm. You’re a small group of talented, like-minded people, charged up to do hard things together. THE OFFER: Cosy spaces designed to build a culture within teams. Private office spaces are designed to deliver the right balance between privacy and community

$35/sqm a month

The Relay Team

You’re grown grown. You’ve assembled your Avengers: the very best in the business. With a team so in sync, you need a space for them to move forward and thrive.THE OFFER: Ensuite, fit-for-purpose office spaces co-designed with your team: your unique haven.

$30/sqm a month

The Impact Hub gave us a place to plug into the entrepreneurial ecosystem when we first arrived in Ghana. The huddles and regular events allowed us to meet like-minds and learn and grow together

Joanna BinghamFounder,Footprints Africa