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At Impact Hub Accra, we are driven by a shared belief that the world’s most pressing challenges cannot be tackled in isolation. We recognize the power of collaboration and the strength that comes from working together

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An Engineered Cluster

A scaled set of dwellings, offices, and commercialCluster together providing access to community based services, products and homes accommodating a diversity of lifestyles and needs. The Cluster pattern offers a high degree of arrangement flexibility suitable for differing sites. The Cluster is capable of producing a variety of semi-private ancillary spaces such as courts, gardens, side yards, pathways, and leisure areas recalling the highly flexible communal outdoor space of the traditional Ghanaian Compound House. The building of the Ako Adjei Park enclave has required detailed construction sequencing, visionary design, and sophisticated on-the-spot problem-solving. It is set to be one of Ghana’s most engaging contemporary architectural projects.

A Community Cluster
A fluid arrangement, providing green spaces, ample ground floor commercial space and efficient staging

A Local Bloc
A complete building bloc creates a contiguous community with opportunities for interaction and exchange across diverse programming

A Sustainable Enclave

At the heart of AAP is the quest for sustainability, the need for our impact to trickle down to our community and the environment. The proposed development model seeks a usage rate of 65% and higher for repurposed materials to counteract the investment and finance challenges and leverage circular economy opportunities. This goal effectively and strategically reduces material and construction costs while playing an important role in international material waste reduction and critical material repurposing, thereby reducing overall environmental impact.
AAP designs will utilize vertical sun breakers, extensive landscaping. screen walls, solar panels, and water recycling considerations. The segregation of our live, work, and play spaces has been thoughtfully done, and the overall designs are conscious of the city's climate. The result creates structures highly responsive to their function and surroundings.
In addition to parking, IH Accra, with support from partners such as Mana Mobility, offers sustainable transport options from designated parking spaces to our buildings. A wide range of easy electric mobility bikes to maneuver allows easy movement to, from, in, and around our utopian green city: a mini sustainable haven at best.

Venture Building & Investment

Accra is the 7th largest investment destination for startup investment in Africa, indicating a robust and growing capital market for tech-enabled innovation. To make sure that we capture the upside of that growing market opportunity, outside the gains from the physical infrastructure, AAP is focused on investing in early-stage companies building products in 6 key market segments:

  • Urban Housing & Lifestyle
  • Green Economy
  • Health &Wellbeing
  • Creative Economy,
  • Urban Food Systems
  • Employment & Gig Economy

25% of net profit from the real estate portfolio goes into The Ako Adjei Growth Fund to invest and double down on companies building impactful businesses in these key sectors

Soft-Landing/Market Entry Support for Global Companies

Providing a suite of services ranging from custom-designed spaces to local legal company registration. We have worked with global VC-backed companies like Glovo, M-Kopa to build fit-for-purpose offices for country teams.

our global

We are more than just a physical space – we are a catalyst for social innovation. As a global community, consultancy, and creative hub, we are at the forefront of driving positive change. We seek to harness the transformative potential of innovation and society, bringing them together to create impactful solutions through collaborative endeavors. With an entrepreneurial mindset, we empower changemakers to create sustainable and meaningful impact that extends far beyond individual efforts.